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Ibiza Nightlife Bars and Clubs

Ibiza's night life is one of the most exciting and diverse in Europe. Although it's world renown clubs attract most of the visitors to Ibiza, there is much more than meets the eye if you venture out into the night.

The nocturnal circuit in Ibiza is multi faceted and made up of many different age groups from different lifestyles but the true spirit of Ibiza can be felt when your age, your dress sense or the size of your wallet doesn't matter. It is possible at one point, all these people join together while dancing at a club and the only thing in common is their smile.

Ibiza Bars

After a meal, one of the most common places to start the ball rolling is in one of Ibiza's many bars. You will come across more than you can count while strolling through the Port of Ibiza Town in the summer months. From the gay corner's of Dome down to the famous Rock Bar or in local hang-outs like Da Igual, there is something for everyone. 

The Ibiza Port is the venue where all the major clubs parade and promote their nights parties. Most of the nights you'll see the club's dancers along with some very "interesting characters".

San Antonio comes with a reputation that precedes but it also has many great places to start out you night. To watch the sunset at Kumharas is probably a less commercial option to its Cafe del Mar and Mambo counterparts and probably will prove more memorable. Kumharas also has a nightly market, restaurant and performance shows combined with local and international Djs.

Of course the main centres are not the only place start the night, there are many establishments which offer great ambience, company and yes, a well mixed drink.

Ibiza Clubs

Space, Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege, Esparadis and Eden are the biggest names of Ibiza's clubbing scene but sometimes over commercialism, the real spirit has been lost to overcrowded dance floors and hefty door prices.

If you don't follow the crowd you can find some more alternative venues which in some cases will out perform the bigger venues with their music and energy. Kilometro Cinco (Km5) is a great example of this, where you can dine, drink and party (until 4am). Set in beautiful country gardens with a restaurant, whale-bar and local art exhibitions, Km5 is definitely a great place to spend the night.

Another definate place to check is Bambuddha Grove which is a favourite for visitors and locals alike with an excellent restaurant and music late into the night. 

More central is The Underground which often has excellent music and crowds from all over the world.

Grail Ibiza won't go without a mention either as its close proximity to Pacha and being on the way from the port is a great place for Pacha pre-drinks. There is always a special blend of locals with the tourist crowd in summer where you can dance to music from a selection of some of the best dj's in Ibiza. 

Planning the night out

A good approach to choosing your clubbing nights out is to listen to where the other people are going but also to go with your own instincts, maybe you'll discover one of the many magical nights of Ibiza that others will only hear about.

Above all, make sure you have a great (and safe) time what ever you do!

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The Rock Bar

Situated in the Port of Ibiza, the Rock bar Ibiza is where it all began for many now living in Ibiza. Pretty much everyone has past by or nearly passed out here at one time or another.

Pacha Night Club

The club, which opened in 1973, has undergone several rebuildings and enlargements and is one of (if not the) island's most famous and modern nightclub.

El Grial Bar

Bar El Grial, is one of the real and long standing institutes of Ibiza's bar culture. With local and international Djs, El Grial stays true to Ibiza's feeling whitout shunning an obvious worldwide talent.

Eden Nightclub

Since 1999 Eden has grown to be one of the major players on the world clubbing map, home to a custom built club to cater for all spaces that clubbers desire, with 3 rooms that have been home to Judge Jules for the last 12 years every Sunday filling the club to the rafters and producing one of the longest running parties on the Island.

Café del Mar

If you are in Ibiza and visit Café del Mar at sunset, you can still experience some of the magic energy that when music and nature unify create an unforgettable experience.

Amnesia Nightclub

Amnesia is fast becoming one of the most sought after venues for the biggest international DJs and big name party promoters. With the recent addition of Roger Sanchez and Manumission the weekly line up at Amnesia is going from strength to strength.

People Cocktail Bar

Summer 2009 sees the launch of a new charismatic cocktail bar in the heart of San Antonio. ‘PEOPLE’ is a modern, friendly and sociable venue, emerging from a successful warm up winter season, bringing a fresh flavor to Ibiza’s well known west end.

Km 5 Club.

KM5, a beautiful luxurious Bedouin style oasis nestled in the hills about five kilometers outside of Ibiza Town on the road to San Jose.

Hï Ibiza

The latest addition to Playa d'en Bossa wonderland sports state-of-the-art superclub Hï Ibiza by Ushuaïa Entertainment

Underground Ibiza

The Underground Club is just that, underground. Located just off the main Ibiza -San Antonio road, just before San Rafeal, this club will be holding one-off parties throughout the season.