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Ibiza Getting Around

Balearia Ferry to IbizaIbiza is only a small island but getting around sometimes can be a bit of a nightmare especially if you are visiting for the first time. From round abouts with no apparent reason, to badly placed road signs not to mention the lack of footpaths, there are many things you should know before driving, riding a scooter or even walking from A to B in Ibiza.

There are many different transport options that are available when planning your trip to Ibiza but the fact is that you will need some kind of transport be it public or private to make the most of your trip. If you don't know the island and staying in a country villa for example, it might be difficult to explain to a taxi dispatcher to come to where you are so in most cases the best option would be to have a rental car.

Most hotels are in areas where you can catch a bus, taxis can be called for you and most of the time you can just walk to a beach or restaurants.

What ever your case here is some things to take into account about transporting yourself around Ibiza.


Public Bus Service

The first thing to know about the bus service in Ibiza is that there are many different companies which don't all connect, so going from A to B might actually involve going from A to C to B. You might also find that timetables don't coincide and you have to wait 20 minutes when changing buses.

As there in huge influx of tourists in the summer months there are more buses to more destinations than in winter. Be aware that some services will finish at the end of September, mid October so check the time tables and dates at the website below.

See the Ibiza Bus Routes and Timetables

Ibiza Disco Bus

You can also take advantage of the Disco Bus service which provides a safe and regular way to and from the major clubs.

Car Hire

Hiring a car is one of the best ways to get around Ibiza and will provide the most freedom and comfort for travel. There are car hire places all over the island and most companies will let you pick up and drop off at the air port.

Autos Mari Car Hire

See Moto Luis Car Hire


Scooter hire

Scooters are a popular choice for the younger tourists in Ibiza and can be great fun for exploring the island with a group of friends. Scooters have an advantage over cars in the summer when it comes to parking especially at crowded beaches where paring can be almost impossible for cars

You can find scooter hire places in every town and in abundance so it pays to shop around a little for best rental prices. You should always wear your helmet that is provided not only for protection but to avoid the hefty fine of 200 Euros for not wearing it. The roads in Ibiza are very slippery in summer months due to the length of time that go without rain so please take extra care when cornering and breaking.

Cooltra scooter hire

Med Ped moped and scooter hire


Airport Transfers.

RayanAir IbizaMost flight hotel holiday packages will arrange this for you and will meet you at the airport to take you to your hotel but if you've booked a villa you will normally be expected to make your own way there. Some villas can be very hard to find as country roads sometimes are not marked and in this case getting a private transfer from the airport can take the headaches out of your arrival. This should be prearranged of course so the company can locate your accommodation and take any guessing out of the equation.

If you are staying in a well know village or place on the island then probably taking a taxi is the next best option.

One of the services we recommend for Ibiza airport transfers is Ibiza Hire.


Taxi drivers can be good or bad just like any other profession, so it's always good to get an idea of who your driver is before jumping in and heading off. Some drivers are adverse to driving to remote places as this means they won't get a paid trip back again and are much happier to take you to populated areas for this reason. Always tell them where you want to go and ask more or less how much it will cost, they all have meters now but better to get an idea before you go.


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Trasmediterranea Ferries

Viajes Ecuador Travel Agent

Excellent travel agency in Ibiza Town center with personal service for all your travel needs in Ibiza.

Ibiza Bus

There are 4 bus companies that operate in Ibiza and sometimes it is necessary to change services so make sure of your connecting times for differnt lines.

Moto Luis Car Hire

Enjoy the advantages of renting your car with Moto Luis: a wide range in passenger cars, special offers and now also the possibility a cd player in your car.

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