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Ibiza Activities and ThingsTo Do

People come from all over the world to enjoy Ibiza and the diverse playground it offers. From the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, to the virgin countryside, Ibiza has many alternative activities apart from its hedonistic nightlife and beaches.

Ibiza offers a diverse history and many of its most interesting places will offer a story to explain its existence. From the pirate towers to the beautiful churches or the historic old town Ibiza can be a trip back in time where you can discover how this island has become what it is today.

There are many ways in which to fully appreciate to other side of Ibzia, its countrysides, waters and history, or just to do something different while staying here. Most of Ibiza's sporting activities are all available all year round so you can enjoy them when you want, in summer or winter.



Although Ibiza has reached a saturation point for tourism it still remains an amazing island to explore on foot. The views are stunning. You can choose a coastal route from beach to beach, stopping off for a swim along the way or you can venture off into the mountains and experience the spectacular views from the cliff tops.


Choosing Ibiza as a cycle tourist destination is another way to getting to know it in depth through its many tracks and roads. Ibiza's inland offers an unknown authentic image of the island which could only be discovered by bicycle. Coasting through the calm, remote valleys you will come to know the rural side of Ibiza with its farm houses and beautiful scenery.
Click on this link to learn more about the cycling tracks of Ibiza

SCUBA Diving and Freediving

Ibiza offers the diver an excellent means of discovering up close the beauty of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem much as it was many years ago. Underwater photographers will be in their element as the visibility/luminosity is excellent and there is no shortage of colours or subjects!
It isn't necessary to dive deep; Ibiza's waters are full of life from the first few meters. All you'll need to do is choose from the hundreds of available sites.

Find out more about diving in Ibiza here:

Arenal Diving Ibiza

Phoenix Diving Ibiza

True Blue Ibiza freediving


Ibiza has always been a favourite destination for people who practice yoga and there are numerous yoga retreats here to choose from. You can find retreats which offer complete yoga holidays, with accommodation, itineraries and yoga all included. It is a good idea though to read around and make sure that what you are booking is all it's cracked up to be.

Family Fun

For all the family Ibiza has activities where everyone can participate and enjoy. Apart from the fun parks that San Antonio Bay and Playa den Bossa you can enjoy the thrills of go-karting in Santa Eulalia or San Antonio or take a ride on the tourist train which will take you all over the island at the perfect pace to enjoy the scenery.

For more adrenaline pumping action be sure to check out Paintball Party Lounge just off the San An - Ibiza Road.




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Boat Charter

Ibiza Nonsense Charter brings together 5 owner/Captains with 7 boats who all have a similar service oriented mind set. All our boats are internationally licensed for Charter and are professionally maintained to an extremely high level.

Luxury Yacht Charter

A luxury yacht charter with aboard this fantastic classic launch is a great way to experience the best of the Ibiza and Formentera coastline.

Ibiza Charter

Ibiza Charter is a company dedicated to renting yachts, motorboats and catamarans, with bases in Ibiza, Santa Eulalia, San Antonio, Denia, Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona.

Ibiza Multi Sport

Ibiza Multisport will give you the opportunity to experience some of the most exciting adventure sports that Ibiza has to offer.

Arenal Diving & Dive School

Dive centre and diving school based on the paseo of San Antonio, offering dive tuition at all levels,specialising in complete begginers,quality dive trips for the qualified SCUBA diver.

Boats Ibiza - Charters

Whipping across the glassy Mediterranean at 50 miles per hour, or experiencing the immense power of the wind is a memorable experience one should never pass up.


Get your adrenaline shot at playing paintball in Ibiza, have fun and relieve stress, make love, peace and happiness and Paintball Lounge Party.

Ibiza Freediving

Go Karting

Go Karts Santa Eulalia provides something completely different and exciting to do on your holidays.

Ibiza Massage & Beauty Treaments

As a fully-qualified physiotherapist, Anika Hölting is able to complement her specialist knowledge in contemporary spa practices with the all-important background in medicine.